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Fawn Chug Female

Special Needs


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Whelped: Jun 01, 2016 and is 1 Year 9 Months Old. This is an estimated date and age.
Rescue cared for in: Williamsburg, VA

About Pika:

My name is Pika. I am a Chihuahua/Pug mix (Chug).

I am still young and learn very quickly what’s expected of me.

I am considered a “special needs” foster. I do not have any physical handicaps but I had a somewhat rough start.

My owner who had me since I was 6 weeks old turned me into the animal shelter for biting. I was sitting quietly with the children on the couch under a blanket and when they got up, my owner reported that I bit both of them. The children's ages were 6 and 9 years old. Being young and very energetic, I am high strung and excitable, which sometimes causes me to act out of confusion and fear.

My foster family is working diligently to try and help me overcome a lot of my shortcomings. Here are just a few:

I do not like to be pet, nope I don’t trust the human hand. I can’t speak so I can’t tell you why. With that said my foster mom is little by little showing me that pats on my head are okay and I don’t have to snap or bite. My foster dad though is still somewhat off limits to petting my head.

Strangers scare me.

I bark and growl.

I have to be crated until they come in, sit down, and everything settles down.

My body is off limits to touching. I will bite you. I am afraid.

I cannot be put in a harness even though my picture shows me in one, I have destroyed it and will not let anyone put another on me. I will bite.

I have a collar on but it took a lot of playing with me for my foster mom to get it over my head.

I don’t like leashes either. I will bite.

So you see I have quite a few shortcomings. With that said, it is imperative that if you still find me of interest to adopt, I must have ongoing behavorial training done by a certified trainer.  Hence the “special needs”.

I would do very well in a home where it is quiet and definitely no young children of any age. I am quite the character once I have gained your trust and accept you for my own. I do not care much for going to the groomer or boarding (what pug does?). I had a very bad experience there and when my previous owner picked me up, I was said to be “not the same”. For one thing they cut my nails too short causing me pain and now this is an ordeal to have done.

I love chew bones and toys and to play tug-of-war with my foster mom and dad. I also love sitting and looking out the window on the back of the couch or standing on one of their shoulders. I can be very sweet, I just need a lot of love and patience from you.

I do live with other older puggies right now. I try to get them to play with me, but they just don’t seem interested. So I do power runs around the place to wear off some energy.  If you look at my pictures, you will see I am beautiful and, with the right match, I will be a very loyal dog for the rest of my life.

You may contact our rescue with any questions you may have about me. My foster mom really thinks I’m the cats meow.  Oops did I say that??? Banner New Customer $20


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  • Donated to rescue by a PUGS volunteer.